Photo de la chef restauratrice Thiou

“There is no good cooking if at first it’s not made out of friendship for the one to whom it’s intended.” Chef Thiou could make the quote of the immortal Paul BOCUSE.

These are great friendships “his flashes of friendly fire” that will decide his career as a chef and his passion for French cuisine.

Thiou, by her real name Apiradee Thirakomen, – has kept the nickname given by her parents : a Thai tradition that means “tiny” in Thai, a reference to the little baby she was … “Small but a will of iron”, she recalls, laughing. It will be her name as Chef and all the places she will inaugurate.


Thiou revisits the traditional THAI cuisine by adding a decorum, attention to detail, a service,
quality ingredients and a balance of flavors specific to French cuisine and tables.

On the plate, a cuisine with Thai accents, gourmet and refined, with contemporary dressings : the signature of Thiou.
The flavors of his country of origin are expertly married to European products.

Thiou would not be Thiou without his faithful team!

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Brigade restaurant Thiou